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About Us

FC Balkani was founded in 1947, for years it has gathered around itself footballers from the municipality of Suhareka, but its shirt has also been worn by players from other regions.

FC Balkani in the first years of its existence was presented under the name Rinia and until 1952 it was played only in friendly matches. In 1952, the club started appearing in the official matches of the Kosovo championship.

FC Balkani got this name from 1965, when the management of the club was taken over by the "Balkan" Chemical and Rubber Industry in Suhareka.

The club with the new name and the excellent organization for the time fell in love in the orange shirt, being inspired by Johan Cruyff's Holland, when they dominated the game by applying total football.

Balkan had its brilliance in that period when the team was often close to securing entry into the second league of the RfSJ Federation, but due to material conditions and the unfavorable stadium, decided to focus only on the Kosovo League.

In the creation of independent football, FC Balkani played a decisive role. The team played matches mainly in the village of Studençan, but also found shelter in Gjinoc for a period. The organization was optimal in difficult conditions, where officials and players often ended up in the police, beatings and constant abuse.

In 1995, the Balkans secured participation in the Unique League, formed that year, today's superleague. Until that time from 1991, the competitions were held in four groups. The club also managed to organize new categories, when the cadets were also declared national champions in 1994 in the Republic of Kosovo.

After the war, the Balkans were crushed, the return to the city's stadium was positive, but it was presented mainly with junior players, falling from the first category. The club then also played in the third category, until in 2010 it returned to the Super League. After a year with a draw, he suffered by moving to the second category again!

In its 70th anniversary, the Balkans saw the light again!

At the head of the club came the construction company Cima construction, which for a short time turned the team into a contender for the title. President Arsim Kabashi, with the arrival at the head of the club's board of directors and professional managers. After returning to the elite in 2017/18, players and coaches proven in Kosovo and Albanian football came to the team.

The year 2022 for Fc Balkan and Suharek football will be written in history, since for the first time it has been declared the champion of Kosovo.

The trophy was secured four rounds before the end of the edition, with 70 points collected, after 21 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses. With 54 goals scored and 20 conceded (not counting the four formal matches)! Meanwhile, the end of the championship found the Balkans with 76 points. The Balkans achieved 23 wins, 7 draws and 6 losses. After 36 games, the team had a plus score of 61 goals.

Fc Balkani for the first time in July 2022 appeared in the international arena. As part of the first round of Champions League qualifications, Balkani met the team from Lithuania, Zalgiris. The first meeting in Pristina ended with an equal result, 1:1. The return match in Lithuania ended with the victory of Zalgiris with the result 1:0.

After elimination from the Champion League, the Balkans moved to the Conference League. In this competition, the Balkans passed three teams such as La Fiorita (0:4 and 6:0), Klaksvik (3:2 and 1:2), after the execution of penalties, the Balkans overcome this obstacle as well. In the play-off, Balkani defeated Skopje at the latter's home with a score of 1:2, while in the return match in Pristina, Balkani scored a victory with a score of 1:0, becoming the first team from Kosovo to ensure participation in the stage of groups of a competition organized by UEFA

Now the Balkans in the uefa conference league is part of group G, together with Slavia Prague, CFR Cluj and Sivaspor.

This year, in addition to the best Kosovar players, the Balkans also featured a player from Albania, but there were also two players from other countries.

FC Balkani in the second half of the 2021/22 edition mentions the coach from Albania, Ilir Daja, cooperation that brought extraordinary fruits. During this edition, the team was based only on players from the region, but the number of Kosovar players prevailed. The club paid special attention to the football school where the young players come from, as was the case of the 18-year-old midfielder, Lindon Emerllahu.

FC Balkani jersey

Fc Balkani from 1947 is mainly presented with the white jersey, but since 1974, the jersey and logo of the club take the official colors orange and black, where the color orange dominates. With this jersey, the team appears mainly in the matches, which they play at home. The second shirt of the Balkans is white, which symbolizes the shirt of the beginning of the establishment of the club, where the purpose of the establishment was fun and peace. The club's third shirt in the 2022/23 edition is black.


The city stadium in Suhareka is also the stadium where FC Balkani has held home matches and training sessions since its foundation. The stadium has a capacity of 3000 people. The stadium does not meet the conditions for the development of international matches.

FC Balkani is playing home matches in European competitions at the "Fadil Vokrri" stadium in Pristina, the stadium has a capacity of 13,200 people.

“Xhebrailat” ultras fans

The biggest asset of the club has always been the fans, who from 1992 are known as "Xebraila". The Ultras, both in home matches and on the road, were constantly at the side of the team.


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